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Chartwell Seventeen Advisory Group Inc. | New York, NY


About Dave Fischer, Chartwell Seventeen Advisory Group

Chartwell Seventeen Advisory, serving New York City

David Fischer, Owner and President

Chartwell Seventeen Advisory Group, Inc. is a business development company located in Manhattan that delivers sales, management and customer service training solutions to growing companies.

Using the proven methods of the Sandler Selling System they partner with business owners, corporate executives and sales professionals who are looking to enhance productivity when faced with the following challenges:
  • Flat or lagging revenue streams
  • Products that are consistently sold on price, despite a significant competitive advantage
  • Hiring and maintaining quality salespeople             

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Upcoming Workshop

Telephone Prospecting Workshop

Join this interactive workshop to help you take control of your sales calls and achieve more predictable results.

In two hours you’ll learn a natural, comfortable and practical approach, which will enable you to:

As a Business Owner or Selling Professional do you:

-Have a lot of contacts, but struggle with how to initiate contact by phone?
-Rely too heavily on email outreach that produces frustrating results?
-Fumble with your words when starting the call?
-Make every excuse under the sun to avoid picking up the phone?

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