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 Traditional selling systems tend to push the envelope. Maybe that’s why the perception of salespeople, and the hard sell, has left the sales profession with labels like “aggressive”, “greedy” and “sleazy”. Often when someone is approached by a salesperson their initial instinct is to run in the other direction. Immediately their guard is up and they go on the defensive, trying to protect their budget and their dignity.

We know that we’re different. How do we break out of that traditional reputation and prove we are a business person in sales? Traditional salespeople are going to qualify easy and close hard. David Sandler always said, “If your competition is doing it, stop doing it right away.”

When you’re working with a prospect – qualify, qualify, qualify. Traditional salespeople simply want to know “do you need a widget?” They are satisfied to uncover only the surface reasons. To qualify hard and close easy, we need to dig deeper than that. We need examples of why the prospect needs the widget, and how long their problem has existed. Have they tried different widgets in the past to try and fix the problem?

Professionals want to know more. How much has the problem cost the prospect? How does the problem affect them personally? How they feel about the situation?

In depth information from the prospect will ultimately will give you the slight edge over your competition.

If you don’t want to look, act, and sound like a traditional salesperson, instead conduct yourself like a business person in sales. We need to bring down the prospect’s defenses asking questions that allow the prospect to come to the self-discovery our widget is a fit for their problem. By qualifying hard and closing easy, we gain their trust, and the sale.

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