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When I first started my Sandler business over 25 years ago, this piece written by David H. Sandler, touched me in a very profound way. It taught me that courage wasn’t about conquering the big challenges we face. It was about conquering the many little challenges that we have to find the courage to overcome. I hope it touches you in the same way. - Good Selling!


“Courage is all about taking action. Courage requires discipline, vitality, and guts to face those tasks in your profession that make you feel uncomfortable.”
― David Sandler, You Can't Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar, 2nd Edition: Sandler Training's 7-Step System for Successful Selling

Accepting a No isn’t an act of courage, unless a No bothers you.

Asking for money when it pains you to do so, is an act of courage.

It’s not an act of courage to seek out the decision maker if seeking out the decision maker doesn’t bother you. It’s an act of courage to seek out the decision maker when it pains you to do so.

It’s easy to single out the superstars in professional selling, place them on pedestals and pay homage to their deeds when their deeds are so fearful to us. Do these superstars draw upon some unknown courage that the rest of us know nothing about? Probably not. Through past experiences, knowledge, and pain, the superstars found courage in the past and today they perform without it.

Courage belongs to every salesperson who faces an inner fear. In your darkest moments, sitting on the edge of your bed at night, making the day to day decision to remain in professional selling, looking for the strength to face tomorrow, and deciding to deal with your fears…that takes courage.

What a shame that we are sometimes so overwhelmed by our fear that we can’t see our finest characteristic is about to take us to new heights…and its name is courage.




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