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You have the right to your dreams, desires, and expectations. Allow yourself to aspire to dream and think big. Set big goals, and small steps to achieve them. Believe. Develop a winning attitude. This isn’t a rehearsal.

You have the right to what you want. Don’t feel guilty for wanting more; use it as motivation to work hard and achieve your dreams. Grow- yourself and your business. Learn. Practice. Help others along the way.

You have the right to like yourself as you are. Your head-trash is part of the human condition – we all have psychological trash. Accept your past, don’t be dictated by it. Get over those things holding you back. Forgive (including yourself).

You have the right the change. Personal growth requires you to break out of your comfort zone – embrace discomfort when it lies in the path towards a greater goal. You are good enough to get good enough, now go prove it. Change the bad habits holding you back.

You have the right to fail. No need for excuses for attempts and failures, you have the right to them. Go for it! Some you win, some you fail. Success = Failure + Persistence.

You have the right to be imperfect. There will be times when your performance is less than brilliant, don’t be so hard on yourself it turns into a “doom loop” of self-reinforcing despair. No one is perfect – and that includes the prospect.

You have the right to choose. Choose what company you work for, what prospects you want to quote, when to disqualify a prospective customer, etc. Choose, and then stick to your guns.

You have the right to ask. Expect some rejection, of course; it will help you grow. Ask, never beg. …and keep asking. You and the prospect have equal business stature.

You have the right to decide how you will use your time and energy. Never give anything without getting something of equal or better value in return. Get an IOU for everything you do. Your time is just as important as anyone else’s.

You have the right to prospect in your market. If you believe that the world deserves to hear about your products and services, find a way to tell them about how you can help solve problems just like theirs. Tell them.

You have the right to lunch…once you have paid the price. This is the opposite of “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” – Nothing is free, but anything can be earned. Let the client pay once in a while – you’re worth it too.

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