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Chartwell Seventeen Advisory Group Inc. | New York, NY

Social selling means using virtual tools and online networks to add more prospects, opportunities, and information to your sales pipeline. 

Social selling success happens when you have the right attitude, do the right behaviors, and know HOW to tap into your referral network. You need to learn how to start better conversations with more qualified prospects and use the information they make public on social media to sell more and sell more easily.

It is no secret that leading professionals are creating new relationships through social networks such as LinkedIn, the world's LARGEST professional network.

No cold calls. No social message spamming.  No, I'm not joking. Just starting more interesting sales conversations with more qualified prospects.

At Sandler, we're taking huge steps with clients, training on social selling principles and day-to-day activities that drive results.

In fact, on March 8th, I will be on stage in Orlando, Florida AND on camera via live streaming for our Social Selling Live workshop.

I am going to hit the ground running with top sellers to teach the live attendees and the online viewers THE TOP 10 KEY BEHAVIORS that leading sales professionals are doing to jump start and rev-up their social prospecting engine. To sum it up... when it comes to Social Selling, Sandler Training leading, not following, and you should do the same.

In 2017, you could spend hours, weeks, and months trying to figure out the secrets to successful Social Selling. Or, on March 8th, you can join me and learn how to:

1.    Identify prospects faster and easier

2.    Increase your number of leads and conversations.

3.    Deepen relationships and conversations to sell more.

Seating is limited. Grab your seat here to learn more!


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