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Chartwell Seventeen Advisory Group Inc. | New York, NY

Upcoming Executive Workshop: DISCover Your Ideal Leadership Language

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Facilitated by Dave Fischer, Sandler Training NYC

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How well are you adjusting your communication style to match that of your people?

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place” – George Bernard Shaw

You may recall the Golden Rule from childhood – “Treat others the way you want to be treated”. However, when it comes to communicating with your direct reports, the Golden Rule is “Treat others the way they NEED to be treated.”

If you find that you’re leading everyone the same way and you want to learn how to flex your leadership language to match that of your people, join us for this interactive training workshop.

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In This Session:

Discover valuable strategies and tactics in leading your people when it comes to:
• Understanding how to best motivate them
• How to best manage those who work remotely
• Creating effective retention and recognition strategies
• How to get them to leverage their strengths and recognize their blind spots
• Dealing with and managing conflict

This training session is best suited for those participants who are currently managing direct reports.

Program Deliverables:

• A two-hour instructor-led virtual training session facilitated by Dave Fischer, President of Sandler Training, NYC and certified DISC instructor
• Your own personalized 32-page DISC Leadership report (which you’ll receive during the session)
• One-page reference tools to use in day-to-day interactions


*Participants will be required to complete the online DISC assessment prior to the event which should take 15 minutes.
** For groups of 20 or more contact us about your own private session.

More About DISC:

DISC is a non-judgmental behavioral model developed in the 1920s by Dr. Carl Jung and Dr. William Marston. Jung recognized that people could be divided into four main groups, and Marston later labeled them Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Correctness.

When leaders incorporate the principles of DISC into practice, they can effectively motive their team and adapt their communication styles to match the needs of others, including direct reports, customers, prospects, and co-workers.

DISC reminds you that human beings are diverse; beyond the color of skin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and beliefs. You support inclusion by supporting an environment where others feel valued and respected for being their unique and true selves. DISC helps provide a way to embrace and adjust your style more successfully to those differences.

DISC works effectively as a reinforcement tool. It helps you understand how you can modify your behaviors to interact more effectively with others. It offers a unique perspective of seeing ourselves beyond gender, race, beliefs, etc. Rather, it reinforces the diversity of our behavioral styles and how we can better appreciate and leverage those differences.