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Chartwell Seventeen Advisory Group Inc. | New York, NY
Companies have a systematic approach to complete almost every task; from the production line to accounting and payroll. Companies rely on clearly defined ways to get the job done effectively and efficiently. There are some areas of organizations that are commonly left to play by their own rules; like the sales and business development departments. Management exclaims, "go get 'em; bring in some new business! We believe in you!" In the current competitive and entitled market, the fly by the seat of your pants sales team almost never achieve the results they are looking for. Businesses invest tremendous amounts of money on the tangible and technical processes often leaving the sales force to navigate the artistic and scientific world of selling, where underperformance, lost revenues, attrition and excuses run rampant. Systems and processes drive revenue. Some folks say great people (or great products and services) are the keys to success for hitting sales goals. Humans aren't perfect though, and that's why checks and balances are necessary to learn from our mistakes and improve for the next time (Sandler Rule #1 You have to learn to fail, to win). Even the pros need a clearly defined systematic approach to stay the course and reflect when mistakes were made. There are plenty of good selling systems and methodologies out there that make sense. The barriers that most companies face are getting those new skills, behaviors and systems applied in their world. That's why Sandler Training relies on the power of reinforcement to achieve desired results. Positive change does not happen overnight or at a seminar. It is a process that takes deliberate practice and commitment. True professionals understand that a constant improvement process is essential to separate them from the rest of the pack (the competition). Systems and processes make up a strong foundation that drive revenue producers, yet sales structure is only an element of the game we call sales.
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