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Sandler Training NYC

Foundations of Selling

The Sandler training methodology program begins with Foundations. We provide the participant with a set of rules for engaging the prospect and a framework of strategic activity that enables him or her to think, act, react, and interact in a manner that is in the best interest of both parties and keeps the selling process moving forward.

Concepts and tactics are introduced in measured doses over time. That gives the salesperson time to internalize and practice the strategies and techniques so they become part of his or her normal behavior.

Even though the techniques are part of a cohesive system, they can be immediately integrated into the salesperson’s existing selling process to generate improved results.


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Sandler Training NYC

President's Club

Joining Foundations and President’s Club is the first part of the program.

Through our unique and comprehensive approach to sales training, you will master the most powerful sales methodology ever developed – the Sandler Selling System. Tested and refined through decades of front-line sales experience, Sander Training remains as radically innovative today as when it was first conceived.

Our bold, take-charge approach to the sales process challenges long-held sales beliefs, turning the tables on prospects and placing the power and control of the sales process firmly in the hands of sales professionals, like you. The Sandler Selling System will forever change the way you approach every aspect of selling, but to do so, it will require real, permanent charge on your part.


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Three Biggest Sales Mistakes You Should Never Make

Find out how to avoid these critical errors that cost you sales.

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A system with predictable, repeatable results

Predictable prospecting results is not a myth.

For small sales teams, prospecting can be a roller-coaster—one month you're up, the next you're down. The ride isn't always fun. The Sandler Selling System levels out the sales playing field, so you can depend on predictable results. 


Using social selling tools like LinkedIn can be a huge game changer for sales teams on a budget. These tools can level the playing field, enabling salespeople to connect with prospects they pre-qualifiy by industry, company size or other key indicators.

The caveat is that if you don't have a system to clearly define what you're looking for and a replicable system for what to do with it, this activity has the potential to become a black hole, consuming time that should be spent actually closing sales.

Not all sales cycles are the same, especially when it comes to company size and number of decision makers.  From small to med-sized, large and enterprise organizations, your job is to control the prospect to the close.


Transform mediocre performers into selling superstars.

The best-selling sales classic, with battle-tested advice on driving personal and organizational success by breaking the rules of conventional selling. The second edition has been updated by Sandler CEO and President David Mattson who provides additional skills designed for today’s highly competitive, more complex, tech-savvy sales landscape.